Sunday, July 19, 2009

Team Hoyt VB- Allen Stone Memorial 5K and run/swim/run

This past Saturday, I decided to participate in the Allen Stone Memorial 5K down at the oceanfront. It was a last minute decision. Some of you know that I was involved with Team Hoyt last running season. I have not done any races with them this year because of the fact that I am pregnant. I got in touch with the founder of the virginia beach chapter of team hoyt and scheduled myself to run with them this Saturday.

Team Hoyt is a local group based off of Rick and Dick Hoyt. If you are uncertain of who Rick and Dick Hoyt are, google, them and watch their story on It will blow your mind!! The local group here pushes kids from St. Mary's and other disabled children/adults from the area. For this particial race there was a 5K and a Run/Swim/Run (1K run on the beach, 1K swim, and a 5K run at the end). The people participating in the 5K run would push the disabled in jogging strollers. The ones particiapting in the run swim run, would push the disabled in strollers and then pull them in boats during the swim is HARD work!! There is no complaining and when you see these kids' faces when they are "racing" it makes everything worth while!!!

I did not personally have a stroller to push for this race (I suppose it is a blessing that team hoyt not has more pushers than children to push) I still ran with them and it was awesome! This was also my first race since becoming pregnant. It really felt great to run the 3.2 miles. I ran the whole thing and still came in 6th in my age group...not bad for being 4 months pregnant!

I have another fun race next Tuesday night with the Tidewater Striders and then another 5K at the end of August. I have also signed up for a 10K on Halloween. At that point I will be 7 months pregnant. It would be great if I can still run at that point, however, I am not holding my breath. I will keep running until it is just not comforable anymore.......people say that if you exercise throughout your pregnant, you are more prone to having an easy labor. I'm holding out for an easy labor. Is there such a thing? :)

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Brent and Liz said...

I chuckled when you said "easy labor" ... =)