Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Redskins!!

Jonathan was lucky enough to purchase one season ticket to the Redskins games this season. His buddy purchased the other ticket. He had a friend who has had season tickets to the skins for 37 years, however had a bad year financially, so instead of getting rid of his season tickets all together, he them just for this season. For whatever reason, Jonathan's buddy couldn't go to the home opener this past Sunday, so I was able to go!

I was so excited. It was my first NFL game and it was amazing!! The seats we had were 17 rows from the endzone and we were right behind the goal post. You couldn't have asked for better seats! And the game was fantastic! The Redskins came back in the last couple minutes to win the game. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to anymore games this season, but I have a feeling that I am a Redskins fan now :)

Bulldogs......x 4!!

This past Friday and Saturday we offered to dogsit for our friends Morgan and Juan. They have two English Bulldogs named Tank and Gracie. Jonathan and I both love them (Chubbs and Einstein do too!!) so we were very excited to spend the two days with them. Here are some pictures from the weekend!!

This was the vision that I woke up to on Saturday morning when I went to wake the dogs up. Tank and Chubbs had both claimed a bed and seemed to be sleeping rather peacefully! :)

On Saturday morning jonathan and I decided to make the dogs scrambled eggs. The dogs sat in the kitchen and stared at me the whole time I was making them. Chubbs and Einstein had never had scrambled eggs before, however their buddy Tank gets them every saturday morning! Einstein loved them.....Chubbs, not so much! I don't think he ever swallowed one bite. All of the scrambled eggs were eating in a matter of seconds!

This picture is of Einstein after he devoured the eggs. You can see he still has a little piece above his right eye :)